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Fully Utilize Your CRIs’s matching algorithm monitors real-time EC2 consumption and automatically exchanges your Convertible Reserved Instances (CRIs) for maximal cost savings. Install’s free analysis dashboard to identify immediate CRI exchange opportunities.


Schedule RI Renewals

Expiring Reserved Instances (RIs) automatically revert to higher on-demand prices. Never let important expirations slip again with’s set and forget RI renewal scheduling.


Automate Your RI Purchasing

Never waste time manually buying Reserved Instances (RIs) again. will execute the purchase of thousands of RIs across EC2, RDS, Redshift, Elasticache and Elasticsearch, saving time and eliminating the risk of errors.

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How We Automate RI Savings scans your environment, cataloging your on-demand and reserved usage of EC2, RDS, Redshift, Elasticache and Elasticsearch. Our algorithm then identifies excessive on-demand cost, CRI exchange opportunities, areas for increased RI coverage and any expiring RIs. Letting users schedule automated actions to maximize savings. Stop guessing and start saving today with


What we bring to the table


Secure & Risk Free

Ready to use with zero engineering changes or impact on production resources. Savings analysis requires minimally permissive, read-only IAM credentials.


Around The Clock

Works 24x7 to maximize savings by constantly making Convertible Reserved Instance (CRI) exchanges on your behalf to match your running workloads.


Set It & Forget It

Schedule automated RI renewals and expiration reminders helping you avoid unnecessary on-demand charges when your RIs expire.


Faster & Easier

Provides in depth RI purchase planning tools and one-click automated execution of purchases. Stop guessing and start saving


Highly Optimized

Ensures you are always making the best possible RI decisions with state of the art forecasting and optimization algorithms.


Customer Aligned

Work with dedicated cloud billing engineers to customize your automated RI strategy. To align incentives, only charges when it provides you a garunteed savings rate.


What our customers say about us

  • 23% No-Upfront Savings in Minutes

    As a small development team, we never had the bandwidth to properly invest in RI infrastructre. We missed out on 23% savings for years until unlocked them for us in under an hour with no upfront cost or additional engineering investment.


    Karan Khanna

    CTO @ 4C Insights

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Varun Mehta



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